Hello, my name is Matthew Baker. A common personal description includes name, occupation, hobbies, positive things people like about themselves, and for a lot of Christians, a tag line Bible verse at the end.

What I want you to know about me is that I love people. I want them to be inspired and live out their potential. I’m often selfish and sometimes speak untactfully and sometimes am taken the wrong way, if that is my reason or another’s, read for yourself and I’m sure you will have a personal thought on the matter.

I love Jesus, yet much more often then I would like, mess up in my pursuit of him. My faith also has fallen short, but I will hold onto his truth with everything within me. My writing often reflects this struggle, but hopefully, what i share will reach to the depths of every part of me.

If you want the logistics here they are, but if you really want to get to know me, please follow my work and I pray you won’t be disappointed:

Name: Matthew Kennon Baker// job: plumber// interests and hobbies: music, poetry, sound technology, cutting hair, playing sports, teaching and now, as of 12.17.2016