There’s Something About…

This city is a city I’ve been to only once before. The reason might be clear by the picture, but I joined 3 friends on a quest to the west to see a Pirates game, but of course, they were playing my favorite team, the Atlanta Braves. 

Interestingly enough, the baseball game was one of the smallest highlights so had from the trip, followed only by the three and a half hour drive. 

I’ve found that road trips, events, and even sitting on a couch doing nothing can be made or break, depending on who’s there with you. 

This trip, I was with four people I appreciate and am extremely thankful for their presence in my life. One being family, one being a best friend, another being an old friend, currently living/schooling in Pittsburgh and another being a younger friend that I hope to say (maybe seem to) looks up to me, even though I can prove to be childish at times. 

I say that to say:

  • hold on to those who care.
  • Invest in others, even if you don’t know if they’ll ever invest back, just for the sake of love. Friends like these are just a bonus.
  • Don’t overlook the small and the big moments. They all have an opportunity to impact or even change your life. (I have merit to talk on this. People dressed up in parrogies running around a baseball field on its warning track got me the most excited I’ve been in weeks.) 
  • Play cards (or whatever game they play) with an older person. There’s an exchange that happens that you can’t see with your eyes. You give them hope, they give you wisdom. You give them joy, they give you peace and laughter. You give them time, they give you love. (At least that’s what I’ve experienced, as recently as playing cards with Andrew’s great aunt.)
  • Always wear your helmet and obey your mama. She always knows best!

There’s something about a road trip!

One thought on “There’s Something About…

  1. Matthew…
    You never cease to amaze me!
    You are so full of wisdom and love and compassion and passion! I could not be prouder to have you for my son!
    I love all that you write and all that you are!


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