I’m Not Cool

As I was sitting on the edge of my tub just moments ago, after finishing my bath and getting dressed for bed, I thought, “I’m really not cool.” 

I started to think of life. Now if you don’t know yet, I have long thoughts that often originate from one statement or thing I notice. Some call it overthinking, and some call it being thoughtful. I agree with both of them, depending on the situation.

I thought of this silly statement because I was sitting, doing such a normal thing after such a mundain day at work and school. My life sometimes just is. This thought can be freeing or it can be scary. For me, today it was freeing. 

So as I sat, I thought, I might not feel like I’m anything great in this moment. I’m not anywhere cool or doing anything exciting, but every single person has to settle down and go to sleep. It might look a little different then my winding down, but we all do it. 

It’s easy to get down on ourselves because we feel like we’re not doing as well as or looking as well as or are as fit as someone else, but everyone has thoughts. Everyone has troubles. Everyone is going through this life. and no matter how good someone is at covering up there issues or dealing with their problems, we all have struggles and that’s ok. We all have questions and that’s ok. We all have dreams and those are good too. The only thing that matters is if you’re focus is on your blessings and not your problems, you stay honest with yourself and the people around you, especially the ones that care, always know there is hope in Christ and don’t close yourself off to improvement. 

I try those things and it helps me a lot. And I’m stubborn minded. It’s really tough sometimes, but you’re not the only one. 

I’m not cool and that’s ok. This way, I can always relate with the broken and the cast always. I hope to never have to prove my worth for a title, because frankly, I think I work better without one!

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