Readers Appreciation (a thanks to you my readers)

Dear Reader (that’s you),

If you’ve read every one of my posts or this is the first one you’ve ever read, thank you for being here. I believe that each platform can be used as a place to encourage and I pray my writing is doing that for you!

I’ve been blogging for a little while, and I don’t want to leave anyone who takes any moment out of their day to read anything I have to say hanging or feeling as if they’re not important to this project of mine. You are the reason I’m blogging!

I’ve been writing for a while, but I hadn’t really had a place to put all of my thoughts so they would actually make a difference, so I chose this: WordPress and

This is where I need YOUR help! If you read or have read or checked out my page before, let me know what you think! For all I know, you all have a million ideas of how I could be more affective or more impactful, but I will never know unless you let me know! 

If this blog has been an encouragement to you or in some way, offensive to you or brought you joy or in some way, confusion or any way, positive or negative, I want to know what’s working and what’s not working! 

I know my point of view is definitely inspired by my faith and relationship with Jesus, but I don’t want it to be so much that it offputs any of you who don’t share the same beliefs. 

I want to give encouragement so that 

  1. you can apply it now and be given hope now, whoever you are or what you believe.
  2. So that I can encourage Christians to really follow Christ and what he said and really letting him and his love transform us instead of letting oneself fall into a lifestyle of a comfortable Christianity that is void of any real freedom or power.
  3. To let you know that you are important, you can make a difference wherever you are, and you can take someone’s day and totally change thier life! 
  4. If you are wondering about Jesus, let you know he really does change live and show a love like you can’t imagine. He’s done it for me and is so excited to poor out his love on you. 

Final thought: Your kindness leads others to freedom; keep it coming! 


your friend,

Matthew Baker.

Ps. To contact me best, you can email me at and If you’re interested in chatting, we can go from there. Send me your number and I’ll give you a call or we can set up a time to sit down and chat! If you have another way to get ahold of me (my phone, Facebook messenger, face to face conversation, etc) feel free to hit me up there as well!

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